Santa Barbara County Courthouse Mural Room Smoke Damage

Santa Barbara County Courthouse

Smoke damage on murals and decorative painting

Ins. Company Independent Adjuster: Belfor

Client: Santa Barbara County

Cause of Damage: an electrical fire in the Courthouse caused extensive smoke damage throughout but especially in the historic mural room.

Items Damaged: approximately 3,000 sq. ft or murals, decorative paintings on ceiling, decorative painting on painted window seals, doorways and stair wells.

Services provided: As a consultant, A second opinion was required to double check the proposal for cleaning of the murals. Extreme care was required to make sure no damage occurred during treatments. Independent tests were made by our office, the treatment proposal was evaluated and comments were made. As a result of our consultation work, treatments were modified and the workers put on alert that the work would be scrutinized.

Had the mural cleaning project proposal been submitted to FACL, Inc.  (Scott M. Haskins) for competitive bid, this project could have done for more than $100,000 less than the contracted amount and saved the insurance company the money.

For capability statement on mural conservation and other projects in historic structures nationwide go to

Mural Room Santa Barbara County Court House

Consultation for cleaning of smoke damage

About Scott Haskins

Scott M. Haskins has been a professional art conservator since 1975. He is also author of "How To Save Your Stuff From A Disaster". He may be contacted at 805 564 3438
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