Masonic Temple Lodge Emergency Preparedness Plan Inventory and Appraisal

Client: Masonic Temple Lodge

Insurance Company: Chubb International Insurance

In an insurance company encouraged “emergency preparation” effort, the Masonic Temple undertook an in-house Inventory & Appraisal of all their building’s contents. While regular office contents like furniture, office and sound equipment, and more were included, the most precious and historical items were of extreme interest to the organization.

The term “valuable” was not expressed wholly in terms of financial valuation but also in regards to historical value or emotional and ceremonial value. ¬†These possessions included photographs, certificates, ceremonial robes, books, framed items, art objects, sculpture, architectural details, murals, artworks, papers, memorabilia.

Architectural feature

Architectural feature inventoried in case of earthquake

This Inventory & Appraisal served as an insurance inventory document in case of earthquake disaster, fire, water damage, etc.  Two weeks were spent inventorying, photographing, organizing files and appraising the value of all items in each room, on a total of four floors of their building. They were given a printed copy of their appraisal for their insurance agent or attorney, as well as a CD of photographs of their complete inventory for future use.

The appraisal part of this project was conducted by International Certified Appraiser, Richard Holgate, 805 895 5121

Historic ceiling at Msonic Temple Lodge

Historic stuccoes and painted ceiling of the Masonic Temple

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