Smoke Damage to Thomas Kinkade Painting

Limited Edition Print Smoke Damaged

Smoke damage and smell goes into the artwork's structure

I got a call the other day from Encino, CA where a very nice lady had suffered smoke damage in her house. Fortunately the whole house was not lost. I was being approached for only one item: a special limited edition print with studio hand applied enhancements by Thomas Kinkade in its original frame, as sold by the Thomas Kinkade galleries.

Farmers Insurance had required the owner, Barbara, to speak with a conservator (us) about the process of cleaning off surface debris and what would be required to remove the smell.

The process requires a complete dismantling of the painting from the frame, then the artwork from it’s strainer, various techniques of cleaning and then “sealing” in the smell from all components. Though there are quite a few steps, the artwork in its frame will look perfect as it did before the damage.

Cleaning companies, specialized in smoke damage abatement and mitigation, often understand the liability of cleaning works of art. Adjusters and agents should encourage cleaning companies to sub out the conservation restoration work to a specialist that better understands the difficulties and does not employ untrained labor.

Call our office to discuss, free of charge, any questions you may have.

Scott M., Haskins 805 564 3438

About Scott Haskins

Scott M. Haskins has been a professional art conservator since 1975. He is also author of "How To Save Your Stuff From A Disaster". He may be contacted at 805 564 3438
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    I was just looking at your Smoke Damage to Thomas Kinkade Painting. Good info. Nicely done.

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