Water damage from broken pipes in a residence- State Farm Insurance Claim

Ins. Company: State Farm Insurance
Client: Private residence of D. Gravo

Cause of Damage: Broken water pipes in home that resulted in 4″ of pooled water in the living room (and damage in other rooms too).

Number of Valuable Personal Items Damaged: 30 larger items including paintings, frames, art on paper. In addition, there were certificates and photos.

An emergency call was received from a friend of the owner who found the damage while the owner was out of town. Once authorized by the owner, FACL personnel arranged for an immediate rescue salvage visit to pull the personal valuable collectibles, memorabilia, works of art from the premises.

Wet items were laid out in warehouse facilities, dried and cared for. Damage that occurred included water stains, mold and warping of items. Damage was minimized due to fast response and proper action.

Items were then reviewed once the owner returned into town. Priorities were set, estimates were formulated in order to respond to insurance company needs. Plans were made for handling, storage and for treatments. The insurance company, State Farm was excellent in their customer service.

Conservation – restoration treatments that were to be covered by the State Farm were limited to returning the objects to their pre-damaged condition. However, in this case, additional expense was incurred by the owner, taking advantage of upgrading framing and other long term preservation issues and having appraisals updated. Treatments included: Repair of severe water stains, flattening the distortions and ripples, replacing damaged mats, repair of damaged frames, cleaning of smudges and mold, re-waxing of wood surfaces, and the complete dismantling of artwork and the removal of mold and stabilization of condition.

Floods are the #1 disaster

FEMA statistics

When considering valuable personal items, memorabilia, keepsakes, collectibles, artwork, scrapbooks and family history, floods bring the devastating effects of water damage and mold. Much can be done to prepare and protect against damage. Professional specialized services are ready and waiting to mitigage and abate damage.

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Scott M. Haskins has been a professional art conservator since 1975. He is also author of "How To Save Your Stuff From A Disaster". He may be contacted at 805 564 3438
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